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'Films' with Barry Norman (UK critic), Early 1998

[On why Cameron cast her in Titanic] "I would hope that my determination had a lot to do with it because Rose, whom I play in Titanic, is incredibly determined and very, very strong, and brave. I connected with a lot of that."


'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno, January 1998

"And one woman leapt forward and she said, [Kate imitates American accent] 'Ah, ma'am, can we have your name, please?' And I said, 'yes, it's Kate Winslet.' And she went, 'uh-uh-uh,' like that."


'The Oprah Winfrey Show, January 20, 1998

"And we had lots of glycerin all over our skin to make us look sweaty. But, now, fluff sticks to glycerin. We were covered in fluff, Leo had my make-up on him, I had his make-up on me, our legs were very, kind of, tangled up, and my arm went dead at one point."


'Today' With Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, February 1998

"It was more Leo and I realizing that we were creating a love story, and that had to be the thing that was going to break the audience's heart. Not, you know, another Titanic movie, or a movie about special effects and a sinking ship."


'Late Night With David Letterman,' February 1998

"Oh, God, I tell you! It was just… this lowering and raising! [In an American accent] 'Lower the ship!'  And then it's, 'Action!' And then all these extras would run up and down everywhere, and I would just go, 'what do I do? What do I do?'"


Screen captures from the Academy Awards ceremony, March 1998

Co-nominee Julie Christie remarked: "Did you see Kate Winslet? She looks scrumptious!"


'Entertainment Tonight' coverage of Kate's wedding/reception

Kate: "It's just, like, amazing, the most amazing day of our lives."


'Today' With Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, April 13, 1999

"Actually, the other day I was a little bit concerned 'cause I was in the back of a taxi in London and I was speaking to a friend on my mobile phone. And she said, 'so what are you up to?' And I said, 'well, actually, I'm off to New York next week for hideous kinky stuff.' And I thought, 'what must the taxi driver think I'm talking about?!'"


'The Rosie O'Donnell Show,' April 13, 1999

[On landing her first film role]: "I was in the middle of making a sandwich, a pastrami sandwich for somebody, and the phone rang and someone said, 'Kate, your agent's on the phone.' I dropped everything, someone else finished making the sandwich. I ran to the phone and my agent said, 'you've got the job.' And I just burst into tears, dropped the phone and had to go home early. I couldn't make any more sandwiches after that, I was so excited!"


'Late Show With David Letterman,' April 1999

[On Leo]: "You know, we got to know each other so, so, so well. And I have to say he is really funny, you know. And one day he should so do comedy cause he's absolutely hilarious. I mean, he had me wetting my pants."


'E! News Daily' at the NY screening of Hideous Kinky, April 1999

"We're a regular couple and we have a great time. I think if anything, it's just, you know, a more grounding thing. I think everybody who gets married will say that."


'E! News Daily,' at the Venice Film Festival, September 1999

"And I really didn't think about the fact that I needed to wear certain things at certain times. It just didn't even cross my mind. And now, of course, it's a totally different thing. You have to plan all that stuff, and think about that stuff because people are expecting you to sort of look a certain way."


'Access Hollywood' at the New York Film Festival, November 1999

[On Holy Smoke]: "It was completely the most challenging role I'd ever played."



Screen captures of Anna Winslet in 'The Cater Street Hangman' (Anne Perry's first mystery novel).