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Kate and Kevin at Elton John's charity event in July

"The Life of David Gale" - Multi-page section

Written by Charles Randolph, Life centers on a college professor (Kevin Spacey) who fights hard for the abolition of the death penalty. After he is falsely convicted of murdering his best friend and colleague (Laura Linney), he enlists the aid of a reporter (Kate) to tell his story and take up his cause. Through a series of interviews and investigations by the reporter, the real circumstances of the crime are revealed.

The film, directed by Alan Parker, is being produced by Intermedia, Saturn Films, Dirty Hands Prods., and Lisa Moran. It began production Oct 5 in Austin, TX, Kate reported to the set in November and completed her scenes just prior to Christmas. 

Kate told a reporter at the end of September, ''At a time like this, when things have been a little turbulent for me, it's fantastic to be rewarded with the leading lady role in an American film. It's bloody fantastic."


"Therese Raquin" - Multi-page section


Kate is working to bring her vision of this project to the big screen. She has said she hopes to begin production soon and will Executive Produce the film.

The story is based on the famous novel by Emile Zola. It tells the tale of Therese, who was married off to her sickly cousin Camille at a young age. Therese's passions are awakened by Camille's coworker, Laurent, with tragic consequences for all.

Kate has remarked, "I just thought, 'now, look - because I care so much about this story, and because I've always loved it, you know, now could be the time to really be creatively involved with it, and just try and make it the greatest film that we can.'"



"The Magician's Wife" - Multi-page section

Kate had signed to play Emmeline, the young, lovely wife of Henri Lambert (Geoffrey Rush), a world-famous magician. The Lamberts are sent to North Africa on a mission for Napoleon III. While there Emmeline undergoes a profound change and threatens the mission with a dangerous act of courage and betrayal that will have unforeseen consequences for everyone.

Francois Girard was to direct from a Melissa Mathison script. This project was scheduled to begin production in France and Morocco in August; however it was been delayed. No official word on the reason for the delay, and no new production schedule announcement.


"Iris" - Multi-page section

Kate announced in March 2001 that she had accepted a role in this film. "I'm going to be shooting a movie with Judi Dench in about a month's time called 'Iris', which is about the life of Iris Murdoch, who died, sadly, of really chronic Alzheimer's. And I'm playing the young Iris."

Dame Judi Dench has the lead role, playing Iris in her older years. Jim Broadbent costars as Iris' husband, the literary critic John Bayley, who wrote the memoir 'Elegy For Iris'. The film was directed by acclaimed theater director Sir Richard Eyre from a script by Eyre and Charles Wood. 

'Iris' was shot in the spring of 2001. Miramax scheduled a one week award-qualifying run in LA and NY in December 2001. 'Iris' opens in the UK January 18 and in the US (in selected cities) February 15.


"Enigma" - Multi-page section

This film is based on the best-selling novel by Robert Harris and was directed by Michael Apted, from a screenplay by Tom Stoppard. It was filmed in England, Scotland and Holland from April 17 to June 29, 2000.

'Enigma' tells the story of brilliant analyst Tom Jericho, who struggles against time in 1943 to break the Nazi's Enigma code. His work is interrupted, however, when his former girlfriend, Claire Romilly, disappears. Is she a spy? Did she just use him to get information? Is he now suspect, too? Tom is desperate to find the answers, and he asks Claire's roommate, Hester Wallace (Kate), to help him. They embark on a daring mission to clear Claire's name - and Tom's. 

Kate was about half-way through her pregnancy when shooting the film. Enigma was released in the UK September 28, and is currently scheduled for release in the US in April 2002. It is distributed in the UK by Miramax and in the US by Manhattan Pictures International.


"Christmas Carol - The Movie"


Kate provided the voice for Belle in this film that combines live-action sequences with animation. The project has been described as "a ghost story with heart".

The film was released in the UK in December 2001. It was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May and the Toronto Film Festival in September in hopes of finding a U.S. distributor.

A song from the soundtrack, 'What If?', which was performed by Kate, was released as a single in November. It debuted in the UK Top 40 at #6, went to #1 in Ireland and Belgium, and has ranked high on other European charts.


"Quills" - Multi-page section

In the fall of 1999, Kate played the role of Madeleine LeClerc in "Quills," directed by Philip Kaufman and costarring Geoffrey Rush, Michael Caine and Joaquin Phoenix.  The screenplay was written by Douglas Wright and based on his award-winning play of the same name. It was filmed primarily at Pinewood Studios, England.

The setting is an insane asylum in Paris in 1807, and infamous author Marquis de Sade (Rush) is ''treated'' by a doctor (Caine). A priest (Phoenix) who is in charge of the asylum becomes involved in a battle of wills over the debate of morality and sin. Added to the mix is de Sade's maid (Winslet) who is able to visit him frequently and smuggle out what will become his last writings. She is intrigued by the writings of the Marquis and is in love with the priest.

Kate was rewarded for her fine performance with great critical notices, a nomination as Best Supporting Actress by her peers in the Screen Actors Guild, and a Best British Actress nomination by the London Society of Film Critics.


"Holy Smoke" - Multi-page section

In 1998, filmmaker Jane Campion cast Kate in "Holy Smoke." Jane directed the film and co-wrote the screenplay with her sister Anna Campion. It was filmed in Australia and India in summer/fall of 1998, released in the US in December 1999, and in the UK in March 2000.

"Holy Smoke" tells the story of Ruth Barron (Kate), a 20-year-old Australian woman whose family fears that she has been brainwashed by a cult leader while traveling in India. They trick her into returning home to Australia so that a "cult exit counselor" (Harvey Keitel) can deprogram her.

Kate commented about how much this film meant to her in an interview given in March 2000: "It was the film that was the most important to me out of all the films that I've done, just because I just loved this character. She's very naughty, she's very rebellious, but she's also incredibly driven and she sticks up for what she believes in. I just loved all these qualities about her." 


"Heavenly Creatures"

Kate's first film, shot when she was just 17 years old. She was cast in the co-lead role as Juliet Hulme, winning the part over 175 other actresses. Director Peter Jackson said,  "Her intensity made everybody else auditioning for the part pale in comparison."
The "Heavenly Creatures" screenplay was written by director Peter Jackson and partner Fran Walsh. They based it on the diaries of Pauline Parker who, along with friend Juliet Hulme, was found guilty of murder in 1950's New Zealand. Most of the scenes were filmed in the actual locations where the real-life story took place. The film was released in the US in November of 1994, and in the UK in February of 1995.