Kate Winslet breaks the astonishing news

that her ideal marriage to Jim Threapleton is over


OK! Magazine Feature

September 14, 2001 Issue



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Pic captions: These exclusive pictures show the couple in July at Elton John's White Tie & Tiara Ball, sponsored by Chopard. The pair delighted onlookers when Kate bounded on to the dance floor and was swiftly followed by Jim. They seemed very much in love and clearly enjoyed themselves.

Kate pictured after the news of her marriage break-up. Though the couple's split has been amicable, she was obviously tearful. Kate insists that both she and Jim will always put Mia first.

[Note: The article also included other pics I have already posted on this site.]



Looking at the photographs on these pages of Kate Winslet and her husband Jim Threapleton smooching at a celebrity party, it seems impossible to believe that, less than six weeks later, this apparently happily married couple have announced their separation to a shocked nation. When they attended the star-studded white Tie & Tiara Ball in July - to which OK! was given exclusive access - the couple couldn’t have appeared more in love. However, during the event, which was sponsored by Swiss jewelers Chopard and hosted by Sir Elton John at his spectacular Old Windsor home, it was evident that Jim was living in the shadow of his world famous wife.


No one was more aware of the attention she received than Kate. Though all eyes were on her when she made a stunning entrance to the bash in a sexy black Dolce & Gabanna gown, photographers surrounded the Titanic star, Kate grabbed Jim, who was standing shyly in a corner, and directed attention away from herself by telling journalists about her husband’s beautifully tailored suit.


However, despite their deep love for each other, it was obvious that Jim was living in Kate’s shadow. Throughout the evening, which was packed with A-list celebrities including Hugh Grant, Ronan Keating and Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, Kate chatted happily with her fellow actors. But, though she relaxed and enjoyed the ball, the actress was also constantly attentive to her husband and made sure to include him in conversations.


Kate proved to be the belle of the ball when, clearly enjoying the occasion, she let her hair down and started dancing to music by pop star Anastacia in the dining area of the Venetian-decorated marquee. She was swiftly joined by her husband, who gazed adoringly at his wife. But, despite their love, the occasion gave a revealing insight into the difficulties faced by a couple when one half of the partnership is a hugely successful and world famous actress.


No reason has been given for the split in what appeared to be an idyllic, fairy-tale union - though a spokesman for the 25-year-old actress said the decision was ‘amicable and no other parties were involved’.


Their relationship is said to have been troubled over the past weeks, punctuated with arguments. Friends have speculated that the split is due to Kate’s continuing success, while Jim has always remained in the background. They have also been dogged by domestic problems. The couple moved into a converted pumphouse station on an island at Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, early last year and it was to be their dream home. But they were recently forced to move, after their home was severely affected by flooding. Kate has reportedly returned to her north London flat, where she lived before she was married, with 11-month-old Mia - and what is certain is that the devoted parents will ensure their child is protected throughout the split. As Kate’s spokesman says: ‘Their daughter Mia will remain the first priority for both of them.’


Kate met Threapleton in Morocco in 1997, on the set of the film Hideous Kinky, where Jim was assistant to the director. Speaking of their first meeting, Kate gushed: ‘I saw this rather gorgeous looking blond boy with fantastic blue eyes.’ She later added: ‘Jim is the only time I’ve thought, oh, this is forever.’


From that moment Kate knew he was the man for her and soon told him in typically eccentric Winslet fashion: ‘Oh, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.’ They were married a year later in November 1998, in Kate’s home town of Reading, when she was 23 and her husband 25.


Keen to live as normal a life as possible, the couple shunned a glitzy showbiz affair by holding a low-key reception in a pub near Reading, where guests dined on bangers and mash followed by Bakewell Tart.


Their commitment was sealed last October with the birth of their baby daughter Mia. At the time Kate said: ‘I’ve got Mia and I’ve got my husband Jim, and I know who I am. It’s nice to be happy and not questioning anything in my life. And that’s definitely been since I met Jim.’ She added that Mia had her mouth and nose but ‘the rest of her is Jim, her eyes and expressions are definitely Jim’s’.


Only this month, in an interview Kate revealed that she always strove to put family life ahead of her film career. But she did hint at possible troubles, saying: ‘I know we are very lucky. Having a baby has strengthened the relationship, although there are highs and lows and at times it’s tough.’


Kate, who has starred in a host of successful films including Sense and Sensibility and Titanic, has also discovered a new-found confidence in herself when she shed four stone after the birth of her daughter, which she puts down to exercise and facial analysis, a method of reading nutritional deficiency in the face. Last month, she showed off her new svelte figure at the European premiere of her wartime film, Enigma, the story of the Bletchley Park codebreakers.



Feature by Lisa Palta and Annabel Mackie

Photographs by Dennis Stone, Stewart Turkington, AFP, Dave Parker, Mark Moody, Scott Tillen



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