"The Winslet Twinset"

Now Magazine

October 31, 2001 Issue



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Photo captions:

1 - She may be on her own now, but Kate's getting lots of support from little sister Beth

2 - Kate looks as if she's ready to make a dash for it, but then Beth's interrupted by a call

3 - Another hitch: Kate's baby Mia throws her toy overboard

4 - Kate's all smiles as she finally makes it across the road on her third attempt




They’re both blonde actresses with equally cute babies born just weeks apart. Hollywood star Kate Winslet, 26, is obviously the more famous, but a shopping trip with toddlers is a great leveller.


Kate’s daughter Mia, one, showed utter disregard for her Titanic star mum’s celebrity status as she playfully tossed her toys out of her buggy. Meanwhile, her cousin George, the 11-month-old son of Kate’s sister Beth, looked much more interested in the cars and lorries.


Although Kate split with Mia’s father Jim Threapleton last month, these pictures show that this young mum is far from being alone.




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